Andrew Smith

I have always had an interest in photography and images and remember with fondness my first camera which was a 'Hand-me-Down' Kodak 127 Brownie camera. I almost gave up photography with the advent of digital technology but eventually saw the light and returned to the photography fold. I passed the BTEC Certificate in Photography in June 2013.


The areas that intrigue me and that I wish to further develop are...1. Portrait Photography 2. Event photography 3. Black Hair and Beauty. I'm inspired by photographs that make me LOOK, THINK and then SMILE. I am inspired by the photographic work of Robert Alvarado, Annie Leibovitz & Herb Ritts. Nearer to home I would cite colleagues at Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club as all contributing to the development of my understanding and appreciation of the art of photography.


I am intrigued by symbols and logos. The Stars and Stripes flag, Rolling Stones' tongue, and The Yorkshire White Rose are some of the iconic 'brand' images that I sometimes strive to incorporate in my images.



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