Christine Kershaw


I am a married retired primary school teacher who joined the club in November 2012, having always been interested in photography but never having had the time to pursue this interest to any depth other than taking family and holiday snaps. Since joining I have learnt so much and have still more to learn from member who have years of experience.

Over the years I have taken photos on many cameras, starting off when I first married with a half frame camera taking slides. We bought our first digital camera in 2000 buying a Canon Ixus 2m mexa pixals which was a new experience. Our last camera was a Nikon Coolpix bridge camera so I was playing with iso, aperature and speed on various setting but have now progressed to a Canon D650 which has the facility to take pictures in Raw.

I had only used limited software to edit photos, mainly cropping but now work with Element 11, converting from Raw and manipulating photographs as I had never even dreamed of.

The Club has welcomed my husband and I with a friendliness which immediately made us feel at home. We love to travel and have visited lots of countries and I enjoy photographing landscape and sites, but I have yet to develop a style and genre.

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