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I started taking digital images back in 1998 with an 850k pixel Olympus from then I have tried a Samsung compact, Kodak easyshare in 2003. This is when my interest in photography started to grow.

In 2006 I upgraded to a Fuji compact and then changed again in 2007 to a Fuji S9600, a bridge camera with some of the functionality of a DSLR. This was a great camera and I learnt a lot about taking better pictures using it.

As you will have realised I am a bit of a gadget man, so yes, I changed cameras again in summer 2009 to a Panasonic G1 two lens kit, the quality of the images from this camera were on another level and made my interest sore. I started reading about photography most nights and taking more and more photos. I also bought a TZ10 so I always had a camera with me.

At the start of 2011, to further my understanding of photography I joined Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club, Hpic for short, a really friendly club that meets every Wednesday night. This has given me a fantastic amount of information & inspiration into my photography but also convinced me that I should upgrade my camera again. After hours and hours of research I decided to go for a Canon 7D.

This has been a very steep learning curve (instruction book cover to cover plus 2 other books all about the 7D) but I think I am getting to grips with it now. It's a great camera and I enjoy using it and the images it produces.

I am not a arty person but love the fact that I can take an image that I & I hope others find interesting.

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