Membership Options & Fees


Full Member £60.00

full membership of the club, able to participate in all club events and competitions with complete voting rights 


Family Membership £30.00 

the club offers a 50% discount to a second family member or partner (living at the same address) who both wish to have full membership 


Social Membership £30.00

able to attend club events, social and photographic, but not able to participate in any competitions, nor submit work into forums


Family Social Member £15.00 

the club offers a 50% discount to a second family member or partner (living at the same address), who wishes to be a Social Member. To qualify the first family member must be a Full or Social Member



Prices quoted are per annum and are valid as of March 202019, membership term is 12 months, April to March.
Those wishing to join part way through the membership year can pay for the remainder of that year on a pro rata basis
If you are interested in joining us we are very happy for you to attend two or three meetings without charge to make sure we are the club for you before you commit to paying any membership fees.
The Membership Form can be found on here: 

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