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Tonight, we had another excellent evening, which has proved popular with members. Images tonight covered a wide variety of genres, from portrait, landscape, nature, creative and infrared to name a few. Time was not on our side and due to the interest from members we could only have 5 members showing their work so we look forward to the next 10 from 6 evening to catch up.

Peter Thornton

Peter showed a selection of images from being a ‘novice’ when he joined the club through to his creative colour phase inspired by a club member to more recent images created through lockdown.

Janice Keyes

Janice gave us a tour of images from Bruges, Ireland, Scotland and closer to home that brought back memories whilst looking through them in Lockdown to Janice experimenting with different effects with new images, particularly one image that was reminiscent of a Vincent Van Gogh painting.

Matteo Leonetti

Matteo recently moved to Lincolnshire but distance does not stop Matteo from being a member. Matteo showed us his favourite genre of people, the stories behind each image to his new genre of creating conceptual images. From Texas, Italy, to his first images when arriving in Yorkshire to his latest images of creating images similar to the style of Pep Ventosa with a twist.

Graham E. Sykes

Graham gave us ‘a brief history in 10’, a tour of images starting in 1977 to the present day. From analogue, using medium format camera to 2002 when Graham changed to digital. Graham is well known for his architectural record and particularly his infrared photography of the famous tree.

Michael Hey

Michael’s 10 images reflected his travel aspirations and scenes that he likes from the Orinoco delta, Spain, Portugal, Scotland to his recent trip to India where he captured some stunning images of Woodpeckers.

For the second week running our club members were entertained with top class images from an expert. Geoff Reader DPAGB AFIAP BPE3 is a member of Alsager Camera Club in Cheshire and is well known to photographers west of the Pennines where he judges and gives lectures. Over the last 10 years he has developed an interest and expertise in portrait photography and the results demonstrate a wide range of human subjects and styles. Although some of the models were recognisable from the work of others, there was a refreshing variety of approaches with mood and story-telling to the fore. Geoff’s rapport with his subjects came over clearly, particularly when photographing local actors. It was good to share the evening with folks from Wakefield Camera Club and Bradford Photographic Society, showing there are definitive upsides to using internet conferencing such as Zoom.

Last night around 35 members of HPIC and a handful of honoured guests from other Yorkshire clubs were treated to a highly anticipated return visit from Les Forrester BA (Hons) Photo, ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3*. Many will already have been familiar with Les from his previous talk at our club or his widely acclaimed work in domestic and international competition. His striking and unique style already had a few fans amongst us and last night doubtless added a few more.

A whirlwhind tour of the globe through his work covered locations as diverse as London, Liege, Lisbon, Hamburg, Berlin, Venice, Singapore and Hong Kong. However, the talk was not merely a travelogue, but an insight into the artistic vision behind the shots. In addition to a varied selection of work, the presentation was liberally sprinkled with words of wisdom from famous names. These all give clues to the philosophy and thought process that goes into the work we saw. One nugget in particular that stood out was offered by the eminently quotable Ansel Adams:

"Photograph not only what you see but also what you feel."

Those of us hoping to learn new techniques were not left disappointed either. Whilst Les shared details of the in-depth research he does to plan his visits to interesting architecutral locations - even down to taking a cloth with him to wipe finger marks off glass when shooting through it - the second half of the talk was heavily focussed on Les' post-procesing techniques. We were given a step-by-step 'deep dive' into the work behind 4 of the shots we'd seen in the first half; two colour shots from Hamburg and two mono pieces, one from Liege and one from Berlin. It will be interesting to see how many put what they've learnt into practice in the coming months.

To see more of Les' work for yourself you're strongly encouraged to visit his website and follow his social media feeds:

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