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Tonight saw club members embracing more technology in using the breakout rooms in

Zoom. Members were sent a selection of previous monthly critique digital images from the

club's archives to use for critiquing. These were a selection of images from different

genres namely, portrait, landscape, still life, nature and topics that were used for

previous monthly critiques.

On the night members were assigned to a room/team where they could chat and

discuss the images. Seven teams were made up of members with different skills sets

within the club.

Each team had 3 random numbers and these related to the images that the team were

asked to critique, looking for the usual things that would immediately class as judge bait!

It all provoked a lot of discussion and thought before feeding back to the club in the

second half of the eveing.

Images used and those which were critiqued brought back fond memories of members

who are no longer with us, club outings and stories behind each image.

A small selection of images displayed on the night are shown below.

Our first meeting in 2021 proved to be a real treat. The first half followed a format which we had used before, namely a video of an interview of a noted photographer with examples of their work. That sounds quite a dry approach but interviewer Sue Brown FRPS didn’t have to work too hard to encourage Ria Mishaal FRPS to expand on the inspirations behind her work and the undoubted creativity of this highly accomplished professional photographer. In an engaging presentation Ria showed us her Royal Photographic Society award winning panels from Licentiate (LRPS) through Associate (ARPS) to Fellowship (FRPS) of that august body, explaining the intention behind each body of work and the technical and artistic approaches she used. Anyone who is successful at becoming a Fellow at a relatively young age must be driven by a strong desire for success and belief in their abilities backed up by formidable photographic skill. To combine this with creating a successful photographic business able to charge premium figures for single portraits is quite an achievement.

Ria’s LRPS portfolio in 1998 was a panel of 10 prints many of which had been taken on her travels with her father, an early photographic influence. Ten years later her ARPS panel of 15 prints displayed a more pared down and cohesive set of images of everyday architectural features of buildings showing distress from many years of use and pointedly having no human element. Subtle browns and blues in otherwise mainly monochrome images linked the whole together.

By 2018, Ria Mishaal had achieved the ultimate accolade of gaining Fellowship with an entirely different portfolio using a unique approach. Her FRPS panel of 21, 10 inch by 7 inch, prints was a series of portraits of children portrayed with their favourite animals using composite techniques. What came over was a patient and sympathetic approach to capturing studio poses, a disciplined approach to ensure consistent lighting across each element of the composites and a creative vision of how to create ha`rmonious images with a strong story line. A screenshot from this part of the presentation is attached.

Ria's FRPS panel hanging plan

After the break James Gibson showed each of the FRPS images again so that members could discuss them and point out which ones were there particular favourites and why.

To read and see more about Ria’s Animalia project take a look at the page about her print submission on the RPS website.

As with many other club competitions that had been cancelled this year, we

were pleased that this competition still went ahead this year via Zoom,

being the 63 rd season.

With winning the Trophy in the previous season, we hoped to get off to a

good start.

The first round was hosted by Bradford Photographic Society, in October

the judge being Erica Oram DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3*. The set subject –

Humour, set theme – Creativity.

All images submitted by the 10 clubs were judged on the night and we were

pleased that at the end of the evening came away with winning the first

round with 90 points.

A good score and we were awarded the certificate for the first round.

Currently after the second round we are overall first with 182 points.

We look forward to round 3 and 4 which will be held in March and April


Certificate for winning the first round of the 2020/21 season

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