RPS Talks with Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa FRPS and Will Cheung FRPS 14/10/20

Tonight’s evening, we were presented with something different. Videos of two talks where notable photographers were interviewed.

Peter Hayes FRPS, talked with Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa FRPS, who is an architectural photographer. Iñaki talked about his passion for architecture which started after using his father’s camera where he learnt his camera craft using film, starting with landscape photography, studio work, his long-standing passion remained architecture and the two Irish photographers who influenced him namely Gareth Byrne and Gerry O’Leary. Iñaki talked about how he carefully composes, uses light, reflection, curves, outlines of the building, if an image does not look right in camera, he will not take the image. Iñaki described his images and the stories behind them, leading to the minimalistic architecture that he is known for.

After the break, we had Peter Hayes FRPS taking with Will Cheung FRPS, a very different style of photographer. Will is a freelance journalist and photographer, who describes himself as an enthusiastic and passionate photographer who is an amateur at heart. Will started out at the age of 11 with a film camera which also made him disciplined in his camera craft. Photographers who influenced Will, were Bill Brandt, Irving Penn, which led to Will’s passion for black and white photography. Will talked but his style of photography which are namely projects that take up most of his time, starting out with friends and family, street photography, coastal photography down to his current project of the Docklands Light Railway.

Will emphasised that it is important to look, wait and to ask yourself ‘Have I got the shot that I wanted?’ if not then wait a bit longer. His advice is to always have your camera with you, switched on and be prepared to take pictures.

Will edits Photography News which goes out to some 500 camera clubs and is full of interesting articles.

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