Steve Clayton

I am a compulsive dabbler, with no fixed style, I mostly shoot landscapes straight, most shots taken not far from my Pennine home. You don't have to go to Patagonia to do photography. I do spend summer holidays in the Alps and a lot of my nature shots I get there.

I play around in photoshop getting the levels and S curves to make the shots pop. Dodging and burning, photo filters and gradient tools are also my most used adjunts. I rarely use Layers but mix different stages of a shot using the History brush.

I like to play around with mono shots to get a different range of blacks with a more chocolate brown/sepia cast and use selective levels for different areas to make lot of my shots pop. I am trying at the moment to imitate selinium toning, and trying out quad split toning just using the curves in duotone box (quadtone)


Steve Clayton

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