Chris Rogers

I’ve been a member of HPIC for about 7 years but have been taking photographs since I was a teenager more than 50 years ago. I started out with a Kodak Brownie and went through various Instamatics. My first decent (?) camera was a Halina 35mm Compact, but my first 35mm SLR was a Russian Zenit E. I loved this camera, that was fully manual which I mainly used it to take monochrome images. I developed and printed these myself in my workplace photo-club darkroom.


Over the years I’ve had several film camera, including a Minolta 300E, Olympus OM1, Nikon F90 and various Olympus compacts.


After a break from photography from many years, I took up the hobby again with the dawn of decent digital cameras beginning with a Nikon D50, then D80 before going back to full frame 35mm with Nikon D700. I currently use a Nikon D750 and Z6, having invested in a full range of professional lenses, tripods and speed-lights. I also use a Fuji X100T for travel and street work when I don’t want to carry.


I take a wide interest in various genres but focus mainly on Landscape, Wildlife Mechanical and Industrial: capturing and recording things that might shortly disappear; also occasional portrait photography. Whilst I do enter photographic competitions occasionally, I am not driven by them other than to improve photographic technique. I also take on commissioned work as demand arises but remain under no pressure or need to turn professional.


HPIC is a warm and friendly club, which you can dip in or out as much as you want. Open and welcoming to all levels from the beginner to the experienced.

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