Graham Sykes

It would have been about 1990 when I joined the Huddersfield Camera Circle. So 2020 marks my 30th year of club photography – 30 most enjoyable years!


My first SLR was an Olympus OM30 and won me my first trophy at HCC in 1991.

Over the year I have enjoyed both monochrome and colour darkroom work and now take pleasure in the tech that the digital age has brought to photography.

Unfortunately with the love of “kit” getting in the way of the “image”, and reluctance to participate in social media, lots of images tend to get squirreled away on hard drives never to see the light of day. It has indeed proven difficult with 30 years’ worth of images to decide which images to venture onto the HPIC gallery. So for this first and rather belated selection – I have chosen a short sequence of my favourites from the “Wales Landscape Master Class” hosted by our Vice President, and professional Mr Paul Harris in the autumn of 2019.

Graham E Sykes

Hon. Secretary

Huddersfield Photo-Imagining Club

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