Paul Campbell CPAGB BPE3*

I joined HPIC around 2011 when my sister and fellow member Lisa asked me to accompany her to a meeting. We were made to feel very welcome but felt a little nervous considering the level of expertise in the room. Sometimes the conversation went straight over our heads but quickly picked up the terminology and the meaning through various workshops and critiques.

My first camera was a micro 4/3 Lumix G50, which at the time suit my needs but then the bug hit and felt I needed some better gear. My next purchase was a Nikon D5100 (cropped sensor) and noticed the difference straight away but the more knowledge I gained the more desire I had for better equipment. I finally made the jump to Full Frame and purchased a Nikon D610 with better lenses and never looked back.

I always look at the latest upgrade in equipment but now I concentrate on learning, yes the equipment is important but having the skills in post processing is key to making a successful image, especially in competitions. So over the years I've watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and purchased high quality learning material from established photographers after following their work.

I love/hate entering competitions which over the years I have become reasonably successful and use it as a tool to better myself and improve my photography as I compete against some of the best Camera Club photograhpers in the UK. I don't necessarily agree with some of the marks the judges have given, but that's part of the learning experience you take away.

I love taking pictures of all types but as you will see it tends to be Portraits and Creative I do the most with a bit of nature thrown in. I hope you enjoy my work.

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