Competition - In-club Battle 27/10/21

This evening we had an in-house competition which mimicked a round of the regular West Yorkshire Interclub competition. Five teams, each carefully chosen to include a blend of experienced and less experienced photographers, competed for the chance to win on the evening. In the weeks beforehand teams of up to 7 members had chosen the best set of images to make up a set of 5 each by a different author. In doing so they included one on the theme of Abstract, one on Sport and three entirely Open, meaning they could be of any subject matter. An additional constraint for the teams was that the images must be work which had not been entered previously for a club competition or critique.

In the past we have obtained an independent judge for this competition but this time it was decided to identify 5 experienced members, one from each team, to mark all the images except the ones submitted by their own team. The judges were asked to mark each image as a 2, 3, 4, or 5 with 5 being the best. This is the method in a number of regional and national photographic competitions. In this case the aggregate figure gave an image score which went towards the team total.

There was a good range of images displayed on the night and James called upon each of the judges depending on the genre of the image to give their observations.

Team 5 lead by Andrew Greenbank came out as the clear winners. Their images are shown here. Well done to them and thanks to James Gibson for all the work which went in to planning an engaging evening.

Abstract - Flaming butterfly by Barbara Sheldrake

Open - Church Roof by David Lockwood

Open - Flying Cards by Susan Murray

Open - Not Just A Pretty Face by Harry Wentworth

Sport - Round the Buoy by Colin McGregor

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