Feedback Sessions – Possible Annual Competition entries – 17/11/21 & 24/11/21

At this time of year we give our members the opportunity to show images that they are considering entering in the following year’s Annual Competition. It enables informal discussion about such issues as entry categories and the choice of whether to submit as a Projected Digital Image (PDI) or a print. Members could submit up to three PDIs with the aim of having them reviewed over three sessions, the final one being in early February 2022. The first of these sessions was conducted on Zoom and the second in a face to face meeting at Kirkheaton Parish Hall. On both occasions James Gibson and the undersigned gave feedback on the images presented and drew in views from other experienced members according to the genre of the work being discussed. Where members were unable to be present discussion of their images was held over to the third session in the new year.

We’re lucky to have accomplished photographers particularly in portraiture, landscape and creative work to share their expertise. Even the experienced photographers benefit from the feedback of others because it is easy to miss things when you are looking at your own work. To illustrate this here is one of my images which was displayed. I have annotated it with some points for improvement which came out of the feedback.

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