Fifth 10 From 6 Evening 10/02/2021

Another successful evening where we had just 4 members sharing their work this time. This evening was a mixture of new and existing members.

Harry Wentworth

Harry is fairly new to the club and a very experienced photographer. Harry began with his background to starting in photography sharing a camera with his brother in on holiday and gave us a fascinating history.

Harry’s journey started with his first love of landscapes covering the Cumbrian lakes, Yorkshire Dales and then getting into creating composite images, he wanted figures in his landscapes. This led him onto a 5-year journey with an on-line camera club where he gained several photographic accreditations. He then went onto develop his love of portraiture.

Harry shared with us his story and images for his ARPS which he had recently been awarded from the Royal Photographic Society. The images portrayed fashion throughout the ages, but focused on the use of lighting and shadow creating Harry’s unique style.

Jon Harris

Jon has been a member of the club for over 10 years and recently took a break. Like so many others Jon’s photographic journey started when he was given a Kodak instamatic camera as a child.

Jon shared his favourite images of being in the club of starting with landscapes, it soon became apparent to Jon that he like symmetry in his images and this led him looking at how light and shapes balance the image. Jon is now drawn more and more to symmetry with shape and form influencing him the most.

Jon does love colour popping and this proved a couple of laughs and his image of Howarth in black and white which does definitely need a red post box, regardless of what judges might think!

His other love is wedding photography and again from his images light, shape and form play a part. Jon also likes creating composite images and can spend a few hours with letting his imagination run wild.

Tony Pratt

Tony has been a member for a few years and his photographic journey started with analogue photography using slides, showing images starting with a family outing, to his love of horses whilst working with his grandfather.

Tony showed a selection of images covering several genres from point to point, Branham Horse trials, landscape, portrait, sport, nature and ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).

His horse images are stunning, portraying power, form, shape and movement with the feeling that you could almost touch the silks. Tony likes working on projects and shared some images from these, which included the working man, famous faces, sporting images, sharing his love of his favourite football team and during lockdown working on catching nature images from his hide in his garden.

Andrew Greenbank

Andrew has been with the club for the last 2-3 years and it was during this period that his chosen ten images were from, covering several genres of nature, landscapes, derelict buildings. Andrew is usually accompanied by his Italian Truffle hunting dog which goes everywhere with him.

Andrew explained what had drawn him to a particular image, whether it be the moody lighting, the composition of a landscape, people on a beach that was like a Jack Vettriano painting or chasing a Wren in the wild and realised that the wren was after his dog!

Andrew then had gone on to experiment with Infra-red photography creating dreamy, moody images with landscapes and flowers.

All in all, another excellent evening of members showing their work.

Sue Gibson

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