Fourth 10 from 6 Evening 09/12/20

As with all the 10 from 6 evenings that have proved popular, we had 5 members showing their images that have either inspired them or hold significant memories on their own photographic journey.

James Gibson

James shared his photographic journey which started watching his Uncle, who was a press

photographer in London and Glasgow taking photographs and printing them. His early images which were black and white from the late 1970’s where he had taken photos with his friends camping trips, family members, changing to digital camera and joining the club in 2008, from showing images from all genres, to sharing his passion of street and portrait photography.

Mary Rogers

Mary explained when taking photographs likes to tell a story with the memories associated with the image. From her first photographs of visiting Kinderdijk windmills to interacting with people in the street to stepping out of her comfort zone and going on studio shoots, Mary showed a variety of genres in which held specific memories, whether they be of a technical nature or those of that made you laugh.

Carla Lloyd

Carla called her set of images ‘Adventures In JPEG’. From starting out as a social member when first joining the club to sharing her travel adventures, all images shot in jpeg and the challenge that Carla gave herself of getting it most right in avoiding the need for post-processing. From traveling around the world Carla, ensures that she researches the country and has specific shots in mind. We were treated to images from Austria, Japan, USA, Italy, Laos, Cuba, Hong Kong and with lockdown getting to grips with macro photography too.

Quarry Bay Apartments, Hong Kong by Carla Lloyd

Chris Rogers

Chris took us through images that inspired him, from the challenges of an industrial shoot in an iron foundry to those of landscapes. For taking photos in the style of Bill Brandt using black and white medium, shot in Halifax, even down to the wet cobbles evoking a feeling of the environment being gritty. Chris favourite genre is landscape, where he showed a variety of landscapes from Scotland, Cumbria and the North East.

Kevin Lloyd

Kevin's images were on the theme of 'firsts', generally his photographic firsts, from his first

camera at the age of 5, to his first experience of presenting images in critiques at club and at a new members night. Like Carla, Kevin loves travelling. Kevin says he is constantly learning,

from producing graphic images in the early days, to developing panning technique when taking fast moving cars, to taking environmental portraiture, which portrays the vibrance of life of each country that Kevin and Carla have visited.

Effecting The Pass by Kevin Lloyd

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