Group Critique 13/01/20

Tonight saw club members embracing more technology in using the breakout rooms in

Zoom. Members were sent a selection of previous monthly critique digital images from the

club's archives to use for critiquing. These were a selection of images from different

genres namely, portrait, landscape, still life, nature and topics that were used for

previous monthly critiques.

On the night members were assigned to a room/team where they could chat and

discuss the images. Seven teams were made up of members with different skills sets

within the club.

Each team had 3 random numbers and these related to the images that the team were

asked to critique, looking for the usual things that would immediately class as judge bait!

It all provoked a lot of discussion and thought before feeding back to the club in the

second half of the eveing.

Images used and those which were critiqued brought back fond memories of members

who are no longer with us, club outings and stories behind each image.

A small selection of images displayed on the night are shown below.

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