HPIC Orbs and Twirl Night 12/08/20

Members showed off their Orbs and Twirls last night. Between 20-30

members witnessed a tsunami of creativity as images, created through

the use of their newly acquired orb and twirl techniques: apparently all

the rage in online photographic circles!

The effects produced both beautiful and sometimes psychedelic effects,

which some members further enhanced through the application of more

conventional Photoshop techniques.

It is difficult to do justice to the images by writing about them. To

appreciate the variety and the beauty of the work presented it is best to

watch the soon to be released Zoom recording.

Members told how relatively difficult the creation of the “grid”, a first step

in orb creation, had been. All images placed in the grid end up being

distorted but careful placement of content can produce beautifully

balanced results.

The presentation of side by side of “before” and “after” images showed

the dramatic impact of the Twirl process. The secret seemed to be to start

with an image with a varied colour pallet, and to be unafraid of

experimenting with the blend modes. More “normal” Photoshop

techniques such as flipping the image, sharpening, multilayer creation can

then be applied to create the desired final result.

People said they found the challenge enjoyable, informative and

interesting forcing them to explore area of Photoshop they might never

have otherwise ventured near.

Other News

Special Interest Groups, initiated by Chris Rogers, have started getting

themselves organised. Sufficient numbers have expressed interest in

Landscapes, Nature and Travel. Members who have as yet not registered

their interest are encouraged to contact Chis at Chris.rogers@btinternet.com.

The club still wants to recruit volunteers to help with manning the annual

exhibition between the 9 th September and 21 st. October. Anyone

interested should contact JamesARenshaw@aol.com.

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