Talk - Lee Sutton - My Photographic Journey 03/02/21

‘My photographic journey’ is a story frequently told these days. If his presentation is anything to go on, Lee Sutton’s journey has the characteristics of both an express and a roller-coaster. Seeking a change from a job as a night club bouncer, Lee turned to photography as recently as 2012. Starting from scratch with a second-hand Canon with kit lens he soon joined Preston Photographic Society to learn from ‘the best photographers’ as he put it. He was clearly a man on a mission. Lee presented examples of his early images warts and all. He clearly aimed from the start to tackle a wide range of genres showing us landscapes (despite not liking walking far from the car), portraiture, sport action, still life, street and creative.

He is now a member of Chorley Photographic Society and many of the people he quoted as influences are well-known in photo club circles. He credited a number of well-known photographic models and shared tips about his own capture and editing methods. I’m sure members were impressed with the breadth of his work and the standards he has achieved in a short space of time. Lee’s list of photo accreditations included some which were new to me; I did not know there was a Global Photographic Union, as well as a prolific haul of awards and medals.

These and other images show here the variety of his subjects taken from screenshots of the evening’s presentation. Thanks Lee for entertaining us so well.

Lee Sutton - Hedgehog

Lee Sutton - medals and awards

Lee Sutton - Lego

Lee Sutton - first gold medals

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