Monthly Challenge - Patterns In Nature 24/02/21

Patterns in Nature was this month's monthly challenge subject. In all 27 authors entered and presented a range of interpretations on the set subject for the evening.

James and Sue provided a double act critique with some insightful comments and suggestions for the authors. It was great to see a diverse range of work presenting the nature at it's best when so many of us likely walk by these naturally occuring phenomena every day taking for granted the world around us. It also shows just how much is available to keen photographers within the vicinity of their gardens or the local area.

The votes were counted and the winners of the February Challenge were as follows:

1st Place: Richard Fulcher - Barrel Cactus

2nd Place: Barbara Sheldrake - Blooming Patterns

3rd Place: George Fewster - Dandelion Seeds

Richard Fulcher - Barrel Cactus
Barbara Sheldrake - Blooming Patterns

George Fewster - Dandelion Seeds

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