Monthly Challenge – Street Photography16/12/20

Kamal Samanta’s picture featuring a fashion icon and some very sexy knees of mechanics working under a car, perched precariously on a brick, appealed to members and the image was voted into third position against some pretty good competition.

Kamal Samanta - The Mechanics

In first place was Harry Wentworth’s Help, which Alan Stopher described as poignant, telling as it did an interesting story within the depicted environment. The light in the subject’s eyes conveyed emotion with the subject well contrasted with the subdued background.

Harry Wentworth - Help

Richard Fulcher’s image, showing the joy of children playing with well captured and brilliantly

illuminated soap bubbles in the streets of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, came second.

Richard Fulcher - Children Playing

Well done to the winners, thanks yet again to all those who submitted images and of course to Alan and James for their critiques.

Next time it’s party time! James described to members how the rich facilities afforded by Zoom will be used to amplify the sense of fun and games during the last meeting prior to Christmas.

Tune in next week to find out more: usual time and place!

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