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Outing - Huddersfield 22/11/23

Tonight's outing was rearranged from the intended visit to Castle Hill, to meeting in St. Georges square in Huddersfield centre. The task for the evening had been changed from "night time photography" to taking images of "Transport". This was determined as any type of transport, stationary or moving, cars, buses or any other type. Fortunately considering how the weather had been during the day it was fine and dry albeit a little breezy.

Considering the short notice that members were given about the change to the plans, we had quite a good turn out for the evening, with around 16/17 members attending. James gave us all directions on what to try and capture and we left the square around 7:40pm with the plan to meet up again around 9:00pm.

Some members decided to try their luck on the train station and some managed to get in free, whereas others had to pay to get in. The rest of us went our separate ways to attempt to capture anything that was moving. At the end of the evening, when we all met up again, most of us were persuaded to try a tipple or two at the Sportsman pub. It will be interesting at a later date to see some of the images that all the members managed to capture. I'm sure that there will be quite a mixture of subjects. I think that it would be fair to say that a good evening was had by all.

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