Photo Walk Part 2 18/08/21

This was an opportunity to show two images each by those who had braved the elements in Huddersfield town centre 3 weeks before. Each person had been given a colour swatch and asked to take photographs containing the colours. For the feedback, we were shown each swatch in turn before the related images. Of course we all see colours differently so there was inevitable discussion about the relative merits of each colour match and plenty of freely exchanged opinions about each other’s eyesight. It was all in jest of course and it put into context the more technical debates we have from time to time about colour casts, monitor and printer colour profiles. Had we been able to vote on the winner I’m sure Graham Dyson’s take on cyan/turquoise would have attracted some votes.

The best I can do to illustrate our efforts is my own attempt at Pepper Red and a reminder of the rainbow which took the eye despite it including a range of colours.

With time available the meeting was briefed on the upcoming ‘Intraclub’ internal competition and, to set the scene our Competition Secretary showed a recent round of Interclub images and gave the scores given by an independent judge.

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