President's Evening - Having Fun 29/09/21

Zoom screen capture of HPIC Members toasting the Club

As dictated by president the event last on Wednesday was scheduled as

the “President’s Evening”. Again, following tradition the President (Tony

Renshaw) had set the theme for the digital presentation of images on the

night, asking members to submit up to two images on the theme of

“Having Fun”.

More than 20 members obliged by uploading some 28 images for review

by the president, who had the pleasant but difficult task of choosing his

favourites from the wide range of photographic styles and subject matter.

In making his choice, adherence to the brief and technical content were

given equal weight, and the following images were selected:

Splashing About - Richard Fulcher

Having Fun - Bill Stokes

Having Fun - Graham Sykes

Fun - Graham Dyson

But, really on this occasion there were no winners or losers. Each author

told the audience, of more than 30 members, of the stories behind their

image which turned out to be both revealing and entertaining.

The chair thanked all those who submitted images and those who had

logged on to witness the event.

In Other News

Congratulations to Sheelagh Davison LRPS and Tony Renshaw LRPS on

having their mono digital images selected from the 1,875 images

submitted to the RPS as part of the RPS’s 2021 Projected Image


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