September Monthly Challenge - Angles 23/09/20

Twenty five authors entered the challenge of presenting their take on

Angles to an audience of more than 36 via Zoom. Two members

volunteered to offer a critique of the images which encompassed a range of objects, from windows, stairs, and scantily clad models to birds of prey.

All the images were of a good quality and the authors are to be

congratulated not only for this but also on their originality of thought. The

reviewers too, are to be congratulated for the thoroughness of their analysis and the amount of time they must have spent in preparing their critiques. Their delivery was relaxed, informative and covered not only the technical aspects of photography but also some of its history and their own reminiscences of places and events.

Based on a tally of votes previously cast by members the four winners


1st place - Mike hay for his image Angular skylight in Piece Hall:

2nd place - Colin Mcgregor for Angles (part of the Sheffield Charles Street Car

Park aka 'The Cheese Grater')

In joint 3rd place - Shane Howson and Bill Stokes for their images, Angles Jodrell Bank

and Angles respectively.

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