Social event - HPIC Christmas Party 22/12/21

Oh! What a night! Proceeding went on ‘til late, fighting broke out and the

police were called and several arrests made but the HPIC Christmas was a

much more sober event and all the more enjoyable for that.

A great deal of thanks goes to Sue Gibson who planned the event. It was

great fun. About twenty people enjoyed the celebration of Mikey Hey win

this year’s Challenge Trophy; the results are shown below, a splendid

buffet offering a wide range of hot and cold food for all tastes including

some magnificent deserts; lemon marang pie, pavlova and a chocolate

log. Sue also did us proud with a challenging quiz some of the questions

within which are shown below just in case members would like to

undertake the challenge over the festive break. Answers will be

forthcoming when meetings resume in 2022.

The pictures are by kind permission of Kamal Samanta.

The Top Five Results of the HPIC 2021 Challenge Trophy:

Mike Hey


Richard Fulcher


Graham Sykes


Tony Renshaw


Barbara Sheldrake


Congratulations Mikey!

The Quiz Questions Compiled by Sue Gibson – Thanks Sue

General Knowledge

1. How many pennies were there in a pre-decimalisation Pound?

2. You never walk alone is a show tune from which musical?

3. Which letter is represented by a single dot in Morse code?

4. Which country is the world’s largest producer of Olive Oil?

5. The Halliwell Jones Rugby League Stadium is in which town?

6. What was Dorothy’s surname in the Wizard of Oz?

7. Who made the headlines after cheating on ‘Who wants to be a


8. With which UK airport is actress Lorraine Chase associated?

9. Which spice is named from Hungarian for pepper?

10.In which City do you find the Mary Rose Museum?

Groups of Animals – name the collective noun

1. A ……… of Hyenas

2. A ………... of Owls

3. A ………. of Otters

4. A ………. of Squirrels

5. A ………. of Vultures

6. A ………. of Barracudas

7. A ............. of Whales

8. A ………. of Snails

9. A ………... of Elephants

10.A ........... of Woodpeckers

Answers Next Year!

Mike Hey with the trophy for the monthly challenge

Club members enjoying the buffet

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