Speaker - Jeanette Lendon – Smartphone photography 12/01/22

Well our first evening of 2022 and it did not disappoint. Our speaker

Jeanette gave us a thoroughly enjoyable evening with all members

looking at their smartphones in a different way.

Jeanette began by giving us an introduction that included a little about

herself, her career as a teacher for 12 years and about setting up her

business as a photographer.

Her inspiration to use a smartphone entirely came from an exhibition she

saw at Waddlesdon Manor by fashion photographer Nick Knight titled

Exhibition of Roses” taken from his garden in which all images that

were 14’ were taken entirely on his phone. 

She went on to explain how she had begun to work with Smartphones

and to tell us that famous photographers began to work with their

smartphones even Rankin had changed his mind regarding using a

smartphone camera.

Jeanette gave a humorous and informative talk with a several

demonstrations on how to use a Smartphone and how to edit your

images using an app called Snapseed.

She explained how to access and control exposure, how to use portrait

and macro, turning your phone upside down, on using mirror sheets to

get good reflections and if you didn’t have any mirror sheets, using

puddles of water as an alternative or even carrying your own water bottle

and making your own.

The whole presentation was supported by wonderful pictures she had

taken mostly in London including St Paul’s from Tate Modern and a

group of images called “Lock Down London” showing the empty streets

and transportation.

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