Talk - Alphamarine Photography: From Dome Ports to Deco Stops 07/07/21

Shrimps that pack a punch with such force as to crack the glass of lenses, creatures with the most potent venom known to man, the sleek outlines of a giant Manta Ray gliding overhead, the vivid colours of life in a coral reef: These were some of the extraordinary images and tales regaled to members last night by Phil Medcalf, BSoUP in his talk “From Dome Ports to Deco Stops”.

Members could marvel at Phil’s images of the magical colours of wildlife caught underwater with the aid of encased cameras, macro and or wide-angle lenses aided by spotlights, in exotic locations such as the Philippines and the Red Sea. Phil gave us an inspiring insight into a new (for some) and exciting world under the sea, describing the physical constraints faced by underwater photographers, the equipment required to overcome the limited and filtered light in a watery world. The photographic equipment and accessories required cannot come cheap. However, Phil’s company (Alphamarine Photography Ltd.) exists to help both the novice and experienced choose the kit best suited to their needs and to provide training in its use.

Are you up to the challenge?

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