Talk - Barbara Sheldrake BA (Photo) – Other forms of photography 13/10/21

HPIC member Barbara Sheldrake gave us the antidote to digital imaging and computer post-processing this week by sharing her photographic passions with us. Her presentation covered the history of printing techniques from Daguerre onwards. She gave explanations of some methods which she had used such as Cyanotype, Salt printing and pinhole photography and showed examples of her own converted pin hole cameras. There were illustrations of Barbara’s own images as well as those from recent exponents of the craft techniques, such as Linda McCartney and Barbara Ess. Two examples of Barbara’s work shown here are a Cyanotype and a print toned with black tea sourced by Sue Gibson. Thanks Barbara for opening our eyes to these techniques. I can’t wait for the practical demonstration promised for February 2022.


Black tea toning

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