Talk - Caroline Preece LRPS - Tools Not Rules 08/09/21

In a most thought provoking presentation Caroline threw out the Rule Book and taught us how to view images, interpret them and make choices about what and how we take our subjects. By using examples of well-known photographs and less well-known photographers she illustrated ways in which an image can draw the eye of the viewer to a subject, emotion or point of view using techniques such as simplicity, positioning of key elements, cropping, grouping, separation, framing and visual weight of the components. We learnt about psychological theory, and along the way found out about photographers who had influenced Caroline’s own photographic efforts. Caroline left us much to think about as we select our own image files and make choices about which elements are important within them. Here are some examples of Caroline’s own photographs which illustrate techniques that she had put to the test.

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Out with old in with the new! Last Wednesday saw the election of a new president of the club: Carla Lloyd. Tony Renshaw retired at the end of his two year stint expressing his thanks to the committee