Workshop - prep for in-club competition 25/08/21

Tonight, we had something different. In the first half members were shown 10 images from the Interclub competition, which already had been scored by a judge.

Members were asked to look at the 10 images and score them from 12 – 20. With 20 being the highest. To mark these in a poll and then compared the clubs scores with those of the judge and members were invited to comment on the image. At the end it was deemed that the members collectively were not far off the judge scores.

In the second half members were put into break out rooms to form teams for the forthcoming in club competition later in the year.

Each team for the competition is to submit 5 images, set subject being abstract, set theme being sport and 3 open or general images.

The rules of the competition were given to each team, the team leaders nominated and discussion followed in each team on how to submit images and to use zoom themselves to discuss their images when needed.

We look forward to the competition being held in October where there will be an external judge commenting on the images and the winning team announced.

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