Richard Fulcher BPE2*

About Me

I've been interested in photography since I was a teenager - I must have been about 15 when I saved enough money to be able to buy a Zenit E SLR 35mm film camera.  This allowed me to experiment with long exposures and photographing indoors without a flash!  During my twenties I was able to upgrade to a second hand Nikon EM SLR with a 50mm kit lens.  I bought a 2x converter and together with a few Cokin filters, two flash guns and a tripod, I set out to photograph whatever interested me.  Around this time I attended a photography evening class and this helped me to improve my skills beyond the basics.  Over thirty five years later I still have the Nikon EM and unbelievably still use the original 50mm lens on my DSLR occasionally.  

My interest was re-ignited in 2010 when I purchased a Nikon D5000 DSLR, but it wasn't until I retired in 2015 and joined HPIC that I started to become serious about photography.  Soon after joining the club I upgraded to a full frame Nikon D750.  Other camera equipment quickly followed!

I have learned a great deal from other members of HPIC, and also from watching hours and hours of Youtube photography tutorials.  After 5 years of learning I'm now fairly adept at 'post processing' and digital image manipulation.

What I love about photography is the breadth and depth, both technical and artistic.  I have lots more to learn and much to improve upon.


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