Stephen Drew

I started with DSLR photography just under 2 years ago after inheriting a Canon 550D. After a few months I grabbed an EFS 10-18mm lens as I love landscapes. Not surprising as walking and hiking are a passion since school days (too long ago to mention!).

I upgraded the 550D to a Canon 80D about 6 months later and picked up a 24mm and a 50mm prime lens as well as a 100mm macro lens.

I joined HPIC less than a year ago and have learned a great deal in a very short space of time from some very talented members. No more Tango coloured beaches for me now!


My main photographic interests are landscapes, nature and now bugs.


Although I can use Photoshop, my image processing tools are DxO Photolab 2 for Raw development and then Affinity / DxO Nik / Luminar for further processing depending on the final image I want.


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