Second 10 from 6 Evening 19/08/20

Tonight, we had another excellent evening, from 6 members showing their favourite 10 images, whether they be competition standard, images that they loved or told a story of trying something different over the recent months, covering a wide variety of genres, from portrait, landscape, nature, creative, sport, aircraft to name a few.

Sue Gibson

Sue explained in her introduction ‘As photographers we like to take photographs that mean something to us. To record an event, tell a story or record a specific memory’. Sue took us from various places, Amsterdam, Wales, The Camargue and Scotland.

Sheelagh Davidson

Sheelagh showed a selection of images that she particularly liked covering a variety of genres, landscape, nature, travel, ending with an excellent studio portrait shot, which Sheelagh explained was out of her comfort zone and that she was not afraid to try something new.

George Fewster

George showed us how he had progressed with his photography since joining the club. One project George was involved with ‘Volunteers in Kirklees’ took him to photograph refugees that had settled in Huddersfield. He shared their experiences and stories which was a sobering experience. Then for something different showed how he is learning new techniques like Intentional Camera Movement and the results he had achieved.

Helen Sansom

Helen showed her love of sport and her experience over the years from first taking images of her son playing football on a Sunday in the winter and then Cricket in the summer, expanding to horse racing, bowls, Golf and Tennis, ending up with tickets to Wimbledon for the Men’s Singles Final. A superb variety of images.

Tony Peckham

Tony called his 10 images a selection of ‘meanderings’ since he joined the club in 2015. His love of attending International Air Tattoos capturing various Aircraft in flight to panoramas and nature. From being inspired by one member of the club who captures infra-red images Tony had changed and upgraded his camera equipment and was now trying something different.

Alan Stopher

Alan took us on a journey starting with his analogue days from recording the last days of steam trains on a 35mm S/H Dacora Dignette, to using a Ricoh compact camera, to his last images before turning to digital in 2006. All of the images had a timeless feel to them portraying Alan’s love of Steam Trains, Travel and music.

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