FIAP Club World Cup Competition 16/01/21

Towards the end of last year HPIC took the decision to try competing at the highest possible level in the world of club photography, placing an entry into the 15th annual FIAP Club World Cup. It was a high stakes decision, as the contest pits clubs from all over the globe against one another. As you would expect, the standard of work on display is superlative, with every club putting forward their very best images.

The 2020 edition of the contest saw 213 clubs from 51 countries submit 4,242 images in total. Given the scale and scope, our expectations were that we would give a good account of ourselves but would realistically place somewhere outside the top 100.

Limited to two entries per author, we chose to put forward 20 images from a total of 12 members. With this entry we scored 357 points with 12 acceptances. For comparison, the Eurasia club of the Russian Federation achieved a score of 406 and 16 acceptances, placing 1st overall.

It is with great pride therefore that we can announce that HPIC placed a fantastic 26th out of 213. Whilst not a medal position or even in the top 10, it is an amazing result that far exceeded our expectations when embarking on this endeavour. It cannot be overstated what a huge achievement this is for our club. Congratulations to each of the authors on their entries and acceptances.

The full list of results from our club is set out below along with the score and details of any acceptances:

James Gibson - Stallion at Liberty - 19 (Accepted)

Alan Stopher - Coin Collectors - 15

Alan Stopher - Taking a Break - 17

Barbara Sheldrake - 80 and Working - 17

Susan Gibson - Dancing in the Moonlight - 14

Duke Gledhill - Sunrise at Windermere - 20 (Accepted)

George Fewster - Greybeard - 18 (Accepted)

Graham E Sykes - Winter Sheep - 13

George Fewster - Lockdown - 19 (Accepted)

Harry Wentworth - Escape to the Country - 16

Harry Wentworth - Working Girl - 18 (Accepted)

Tony Renshaw - City Scape - 21 (Accepted)

Kevin Lloyd - Iranian Icon - 18 (Accepted)

Paul Campbell - Pip - 20 (Accepted)

Paul Campbell - The Dancer - 21 (Accepted)

Richard Fulcher - Going Round the Bend - 20 (Accepted)

Richard Fulcher - Wild Goose Chase - 20 (Accepted)

James Gibson - Splash - 21 (Accepted)

Tony Pratt - Hill Climb - 14

Susan Gibson - Warrior Princess and the Guardian - 16

You can see the Eurasia club's winning entry and all the individual award winners on the FIAP website. HPIC's entry is shown below:

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