Outing - Night Time Photography 06/12/21

Twelve brave souls went out into the night to photograph Huddersfield at

night. The rendezvous was St. George’s Square at 19:30, from whence

several groups of photographers sallied forth into the dark to take

pictures of Huddersfield town centre in all its pre-Christmas finery.

A tripod and a head torch proved to be useful accessories on the night

and having a fellow photographer also helped as ideas as, to location,

composition and camera settings inspired one to experiment and try out

new things.

Time flew by but, at just gone nine, it started to rain and whilst some

were drawn to the pub others harboured thought of home and a hot


Four members agreed to share one of their images, taken on the night,

and they are shown below together with some comments by the authors.

Star Lights Suzy Powell

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I enjoyed the longer exposures, but

also using F/16 to get the “star” lights.

“Ask for Angela” campaign van Alan Stopher

‘Three of us spent a pleasant hour looking for scenes in St George’s

Square, John William Street, New Street and King Street. In the latter we

came across a team promoting the “Ask For Angela” campaign. It is

aimed at keeping people safe from sexual assault in bars and other

venues by using a codeword.

University Light Trails Graham Sykes

Brake lights approaching Shaw Head roundabout compliment the colours

of the University buildings as vehicles rush between sets of traffic. The

effect enhanced with the wet road surface adding depth to the reflections.

Image taken with a slow shutter speed giving extended light trails, with

the use of a small aperture adding star affect the bright street lights.

Night Time Photographer

Great fun, great night!

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