Talk - In My Garden by Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5* - 03/03/2021

Award-winning photographer Roger Hance joined us on Zoom to give us an engaging and beautifully presented talk on how to take pictures of wildlife on our doorsteps.

Besides seeing some wonderful images taken within the bounds of his suburban garden, we learnt about the techniques he used to create his pictures and then capture them using the latest technology. From simple hides to sawn off rotten fork handles, hand-made moth trap to a table top ‘pond’, Roger demonstrated his ingenuity in setting the scenes to be captured. The lens, focal lengths and camera settings were indicated as image overlays so that we could all take something away from his presentation. Roger had recently made the change from Canon full frame to Olympus micro fourth-thirds in order to significantly reduce the weight of his equipment. He demonstrated the benefits of some of the characteristics of the new technology such as in-camera focus-stacking and the amazing Pro Capture setting which enables a rolling series of 14 images to taken from the moment the shutter is half depressed. All of the 45 members present would have learnt something from this professional and well-paced presentation.

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